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MERV 13 Air Filters

Find premium high quality furnace air filters that are all made in the USA. MERV 13 air filters provide the highest filtration level for many consumers throughout the USA. Filters2Go only supply Nordic Pure furnace filters for strict quality control and customer satisfaction.

Nordic Pure MERV 13 Air Filters are electrostatically charged to attract and capture most airborne particulates in your home. Each time air passes through a Nordic Pure pleated furnace filter, lint, household dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, smoke particles, smog, virus carriers, bacteria, mold spores and other contaminants are removed. All Nordic Pure pleated air filters are manufactured using a heavy duty, moisture resistant beverage board frame. There is a metal mesh support grid bonded to the pleats for extra support. Nordic Pure filter media prevents the growth of bacteria or mold, resulting in a much healthier living environment.

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MERV 13 Furnace Filters USA

To help maintain healthy indoor air quality, it is important to replace your MERV 13 furnace filter on a regular basis. This will also help maintain your furnaces performance, meaning you will have better capacity and lower operating costs.

Stockist of high quality premium Nordic Pure furnace filters that are manufactured in the USA and come with free US delivery. When it comes to your home or office air quality, don’t sacrifice a couple dollars of your health and wellbeing. Nordic Pure furnace filters come in a range of MERV ratings and filtration options. Look for our Pleated + Carbon filters for superior filtration and odor control.

Make Filters2Go your local US filter supplier, we wont let you down.

What dust is made of and why you should do something about it

Many people don’t realize that dust is made up of dead skin cells, dust mite droppings and dust mite body fragments. With dead skin cells acting as a key component of dust, increased time spent indoors may actually contribute to an increase of dust in your home. As dust accumulates, it becomes more visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been there the entire time. (Source:

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