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Air Filter / Clean Air Knowledge Bank

Want to learn why its important to have clean air filters? 

Check out our Clean Air Links and learn more about what’s lurking in the air and how that effects our health and lifestyle.

Forgetting to replace your air filters around the home. Purchase an ongoing subscription at your chosen interval, we will send them automatically!

Clean Air Links

Learn more about the importance of air filters, whether its in your vacuum, air purifier or car.

Green Action Centre
Transport And Environment 
Harvard Health Publishing
Sleep Association

Cleaning / Replacing Air Filters

Its important not to neglect your home appliance filters if you want to provide your family with clean healthy air.

Pet dander, mold spores, harmful gases and other airborne particles can quickly overcome a household, leading to bad odors, allergies and sickness.

Thankfully it is easy to clean and replace high performing filters throughout the home.

Specializing In Stocking 3rd Party Alternative Filters For Most Major Branded Appliances.

Dyson Vacuum Filter
Samsung Vacuum Filter
Dyson Air Purifier Filter
Tesla Cabin Air Filter
Kia Cabin Air Filter
Hyundai Cabin Air Filter

The list goes on….. 

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