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When used properly, air cleaners and HVAC filters can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a building or small space. By itself, air cleaning or filtration is not enough to protect people from COVID-19. When used along with other best practices recommended by CDC and other public health agencies, including social distancing and mask wearing, filtration can be part of a plan to reduce the potential for airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors.

The New Normal involves taking steps to protect yourself and others while we learn to live with the virus in the community.
Filters2Go have created this informative page to help consumers understand furnace filter MERV ratings and what effect they have on your homes air quality. Over the next few paragraphs we will cover off the following topics;

How do furnace filters improve my air quality at home?
What type of air filter will capture viruses?
How can I buy MERV 13 furnace filters online? 

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Furnace Air Filters MERV 13 Pleated Plus Carbon

How do furnace filters improve my indoor air quality?

Furnace filters improve your indoor air quality by trapping and removing small particles that are floating in the air. But not all filters are made equal, its important to select an air filter to suit your environment so you can have a positive impact on your indoor air quality. 

Your furnace filter has the ability to remove, viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, pet dander, smog and lots more.

What type of air filter will capture viruses?

A furnace filter with a MERV 13 rating and above will help remove viruses, bacteria, mold and smog from the air in your home. As you will see in the below table, a filters MERV rating changes the level of filtration dramatically between MERV filtration levels.

Why we don’t recommend filters above MERV 13 for everyday consumers?
As you increase your filtration level, you also add additional stress to the furnaces blower and increase overall running temperatures. Filters above MERV 13 are likely too restrictive for standard residential furnaces and air conditioners. This is the reason we believe a MERV 13 furnace filter has the right balance between superior filtration qualities and furnace performance.

Furnace Air Filter MERV Ratings

How can I buy MERV 13 furnace filters online?

Use the below search to find a suitable furnace filter and remember to select the MERV rating to suit your desired filtration level. (refer back to the above MERV table if needed.) Search by using the following format 20x20x1 not 20″x20″x1″

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Yale School of Public Health information source on ventilation
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