Car Cabin Air Filter For Kia / Hyundai


Car Cabin Air Filter For Kia / Hyundai
Filter Brand: OEMASSIVE

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Filter replacement is recommended every 6-12 months depending on environment and use.

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Car Cabin Air Filter For Kia / Hyundai

Manufacturer Part Number: 1J912002
Interchange Part Number: 97133-2E200,97133-2E210,08790-2E200,97133-2E210AT,9999Z-07022,P8790-1F200
Other Part Number: CU2336,1987432170,ALC-5347,FC343,C39107,S3112C,WP9302

Item Description:
Product Type: Cabin Air Filter
Material: Activated Carbon Filter Cloth
Package Includes: 1×Cabin Air Filter

Double-layer activated carbon filter cloth
High filtration efficiency
High dust holding capacity
Good temperature Resistance
Economical, practical and easy to install

How to replace a cabin air filter?

Most cabin air filters can be replaced without tools but some require basic hand tools to open the cabin air filter compartment.
Usually installed in the following three positions:
1.Under the hood, near the windshield
2.Underneath the dashboard
3.Behind the glove compartment


For Kia CARENS Mk II (FJ) 2002/07 – /
For Kia RIO II Saloon (JB) 2005/03 – /
For Kia RIO II (JB) 2005/03 – /
For Kia RONDO III (UN) 2006/09 – /
For Kia FORTE II Saloon (TD) 2009/01 – /
For Kia CERATO KOUP (TD) 2009/01 – /
For Kia RIO III (UB) 2011/09 – /
For Kia RIO III Saloon (UB) 2010/09 – /
For Hyundai GENESIS Coupe 2008/01 – /
For Hyundai ACCENT IV (RB) 2010/11 – /
For Hyundai VELOSTER (FS) 2011/03 – /
For Hyundai i40 CW (VF) 2011/07 – /
For Hyundai i40 (VF) 2012/03 – /
For Hyundai VERNA IV Saloon (RB) 2010/11 – /

Video Tutorial For Replacing Cabin Air Filter In Kia Carens

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